Participating Online Cricket Betting from Different Countries

Is cricket betting legal in your country? It’s what most of the punters think when he or she decides to bet. Well, some of the governments allow online betting, but there are regions where you are not allowed to gamble. The law differs according to the map. So, we will know how you can participate in online betting in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UK, USA, UAE, and Sri Lanka.

Online Cricket Betting from Australia

Cricket is immensely popular in Australia. And why not? Whether we talk about ODI, test, or T20, the Australian cricket team is one of the strongest. It’s the reason why these boys in yellow enjoy a huge fan base. After the introduction of Big Bash, we are seeing a great surge in participation.

Cricket betting is widely accepted in Australia. Cricket Australia (CA) takes a watch on all the betting activities. Betting is legal here, but there are some limitations to the bookmakers. If you are an Australian, then you should know that above 80 percent of your fellow countrymen are betting on cricket. Betway, 10Cric, and 1XBet are the topmost online bookies that you can try in Australia.

Online cricket betting from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Islamic country and it’s the reason gambling is strictly banned. If you are betting in this country, then be ready to face a prison up to 30 days and pay some fine as well. Cricket betting laws in Bangladesh is confusing and hence, smart players can easily find loopholes in it. You can place online bets because none of the gambling sites are based in this country and hence, they are not bound to follow any local law.

You can find multiple trustworthy cricket betting sites in Bangladesh. The first one to consider is Betway because they release your winning amount irrelevant of your residing country. Bet365 and 1xBet are the other two sites where you can create a betting profile.

Online cricket betting from India

Cricket is integrated into the DNA of Indian citizens. With more than 600 million smartphone users, India is one of the biggest markets for cricket gamblers. It’s the reason why most of the online bookmakers accept INR. Some of them also offer Hindi support to the players.

Keep in mind that cricket betting is not legal in India. Yes, if you are in Goa, Sikkim, or Daman, then you are allowed to place some bets in physical casinos. But, there are no prohibitions for online betting because the Indian government has does not any power over bookmakers who are headquartered offshore.

If you are an Indian resident, then try Betway India because it’s designed according to Indian users. 10Cric is another platform that offers similar benefits. If you think you have enough knowledge about the cricket and betting process, then these two sites should be your bookmarks.

Online betting from Pakistan

Gambling was banned in Pakistan for a long time, but then things started to change when horse racing and the betting started to happen in this country. Now, cricket gambling is very popular there. Online cricket betting is growing in Pakistan because none of the gambling platforms are located locally.

If you want the best cricket betting website in Pakistan, then we would suggest Betway because it has garnered positive reviews from your fellow countrymen. Another platform that you can try is 1xBet, which is known for its secure transactions and timely payments.

Online Cricket Betting from the UK

Cricket is very popular in the UK and so is its betting. If you are a UK citizen, then you have a variety of bookmakers to choose from. Bet365, Betway, and Betfair are the most preferred online cricket betting sites in this country. Anything that you bet through these platforms is guided by the Gambling Act, which was created in 2005.

Sports betting is legal in the UK and it’s the primary reason why there are many grey bookies there who operates without any license. So, you need to know about the online bookmaker before you transfer any amount to a newly created betting profile.

Online cricket betting from the USA

Online cricket betting and all other forms of gambling are widely practiced in the USA. It’s because online betting is legal in America, except for a few states. There are some laws like the Wire Act of 1961, but they do not apply to internet gambling.

If you are a US citizen, then the best online betting site you can try is BetOnline. It’s a trusted bookmaker for Americans for more than 20 years. The bookmaker has recently revived its website for a better online gambling experience.

Another option you can try is Bovada that ensures you will never face any trouble while doing business with them. Well, the bookie is right because you can register and enjoy cricket betting on any of these two sites.

Online cricket betting from UAE

Horse betting is widely accepted in UAE. Online gambling is also very popular here. However, you should keep in mind that gambling is considered illegal in this country. So, the only way you can enjoy cricket betting here is via offshore gambling websites. You can find several trustworthy online betting platforms in Arab countries. Betway is one of those sites that ensures a safe and reliable cricket betting experience. Bet365 and 1xBet are the other two sites that you can access in UAE.

Online cricket betting from Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan government is liberal towards gambling and it’s the primary reason why cricket betting is extremely famous in this country. All the major online bookmakers accept Sri Lanka gamblers and Betway is the most reliable among them. 1xBet is another option you can try because it offers secure transactions and processes your withdrawals quickly. If you are residing in Sri Lanka and try your luck on cricket betting, then these two are the best websites to consider.


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